Who We Are.


We are a team made up of former tenants and landlords who grew tired of the endless process of paying rent or getting paid on time. Checks are outdated. Online payments aren’t always secure. We decided to take things into our hands and reinvent the way rent is paid. Introducing RentPal. Our goal is to make paying rent easier for tenants and more consistent for landlords.


What We Do.


RentPal simplifies both the day-to-day life of landlords and the payment process for tenants. Through the RentPal app, you can pay your rent, track rent money, and stay on top of your rental agreements in one convenient location. Simplified, easy to use, and available in a convenient mobile app. All payments made through RentPal are secured through PayPal and our extremely easy to use and navigate the user interface.


Why Choose Us?


If you are tired of the hassle of tracking down tenants to pay rent or simply want to pay your rent with the touch of your finger, then try RentPal.

Have questions about what we do? Please contact us via email support@envisiontechcorp.com